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The Story Continues... "An Evening At The Dharma Social Club" - Due for Release on September 16th!

After the success of the first collaboration of the Dharma Social Club members, the second album is due for release soon: "An Evening At The Dharma Social Club" paints an even broader and more powerful musical picture than its predecessor. With a number of danceable tracks on one hand, and ecclectic sound collages on the other hand, the record again takes you on a journey through your own imagination...

The Dharma Social Club is in essence the musical place for reflecting the divinely instituted natural order of things and emotions. Members of the Dharma Social Club have acknowledged the beauty of this principle and are willing to follow musical phrases, sounds, loops, etc. in order to discover the hidden elements of each listening process.

Besides myself, the new album features the same artists as in the past: Ray Bril (loops, beats), Arim Bembe (vocals), Anne Jenkins (string arrangements), Josh Matthews (live drums&percussions), and Neneh Yamori (acoustic guitars, woodwinds).

Enjoy! Drama! Excitement! Dance! - Gary Blesko, September 2013

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